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Conveyancing, Property and Property Development

We do more than just ‘conveyancing’. We offer a full range of property services.

Rickards Legal’s services includes conducting simple residential conveyancing matters through to large-scale property developments which involve preparing master contracts and conveyancing of sale of lots in developments including off-the-plan sales and purchases.

All conveyancing and property matters including Stamp Duty payments are now electronic and done “online” by Rickards Legal including the new system of property electronic property transactions (PEXA) required for all land and title transfer matters.

We can help clients with:

  • All conveyancing including purchases and sales;
  • Off-the-plan purchase and sales;
  • Advice regarding contracts prior to signing and before contract cooling off.
  • Land subdivisions;
  • Adverse possession and title issues;
  • Creation and variation of easements and restrictive covenants;
  • Section 173 agreements;
  • Foreign Investment Review Board Issues;
  • Land tax and stamp duty issues;
  • Owners corporation issues;
  • Licences of common property;
  • Property disputes;
  • Land ownership property structures;
  • Strata and strata title advice, disputes and conversions;
  • Transmission applications;
  • Survivorship applications;
  • Consolidations of title;
  • Spousal Transfers;
  • Change in manner of holding;
  • Update land registry details due to change of name or address;
  • Transfers of land as a gift or devise in Will;
  • Transfers between trustees and beneficiaries;
  • Registration of interest in life estate;
  • Caveats and Withdraw of caveats;
  • Mortgages;
  • Lost title applications;
  • Nomination of title matters; and
  • Obtaining your title from the bank after repayment of your loan.